The impact of technological change in industries have been significant during the previous decades and technological advancement has no doubt sharpen industries abilities in general for continuously improving with new and modern methods and techniques. The time for new horizons is at our door-step and the company relies on all to bring our organization to its next destination. In this quest, the need for re-defining our Vision, Mission and core Values were our topmost concern. One that should help each and every-one of us feel proud, excited, motivated, and part of something much bigger.

In short the vision answers the question “ Where do we want to go?”. This new vision statement will be our inspiration, the framework for all strategic planning.

The Mission is what we shall do to drive us towards achievement of our dream. It is a statement of the purpose of the company, its reason for existing. The statement guide the actions of the organization, spell out its overall goal, provide a path, and guide decision-making.

And the Values are in what way things are done. It provides a framework for

  • mutual respect for one another at work.
  • the relations we share with our customers. 
  • helping us make sense of our working life and bringing positive change to the community in which we live and work.
  • creating an environment conducive to business growth and job satisfaction.

It is a fact that the world is continuously evolving, and we must look ahead to prepare ourselves for tomorrow today. It is vital that we all understand and engage ourselves fully in making those principles as defined a reality of everyday.

We sincerely believe that the best for STR Marketing Ltee is yet to come. 
Abi Sennik
Executive Director