Quality Commitment


At STR Marketing Ltée, we are fully committed to be a leading and as well a reliable Supplier for all our products related to protection and flow of water and energy. Simultaneously we focus on provision of technical assistance and training services to our clientele.

Our prominent goal is to achieve the highest standard of Quality in all our practices and operations without compromise with unique aim exceeding our partners’ expectations.

Quality performance is well anchored in our company’s culture and is considered as a personal responsibility which lies with everyone within our organisation.
To achieve Quality excellence at the highest level, the following objectives are pursued:
  • To put economic, social and environmental sustainability at the centre of our activities.
  • To fulfill or exceed our customers’ needs /expectations by delivering cost effective and Quality products & services in a consistent and timely way.
  • To maintain a working environment that will promote Teamwork.
  • To carry out all our activities in a safe and efficient manner.
  • To make everyone take ownership and responsibility of their actions and inactions to ensure our company’s profitability.
  • To cultivate and maintain our commitment to continuously improve and communicate the goals and objective of the company to everyone.

To achieve the above objectives, we shall identify, establish and update our measurable targets where everyone within our organisation can contribute.

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