Polyethylene pipes under pressure

In compliance to EN 12201.  Full range up to 400 mm. 
Same as pipe range in "Water Supply"
Technical Specifications

PVC Sewerage pipes (as per EN 13476)

Diameters 110 to 250 mm (SN4 / SN8).
Larger diameters available upon request : DN 315 / 400 mm and above.
Technical Specifications

Polypropylene (PP) Double wall corrugated pipes & fittngs (comply EN 13476)

Diameters : 100/150/200/250 mm and above available upon request. 

PVC Sewerage Fittings (EN 1401)

Available diameters : 110 to 250 mm.
315, 400 mm and above upon request.
Technical Specifications

 PE Fusion fittings

Available sizes : full range up to 400mm.
Refer to available items in "Water Supply"
Product Range