AfterSales Service


STR Marketing Ltee has been relentless in its commitment to quality and service since its inception in 1992. Through the years we have broadened and enhanced our product lines to better serve our customers. As the leading full-line supplier of piping materials for the protection and flow of water and energy, we welcome the opportunity to be the one-stop source for all your piping systems solution.

Projects associated with : (Sewage, Water supply, Irrigation, Telecom, Electricity, IRS, ERS, Hotels, Residential Morcellements, Individual Houses, Roads, Airports, Ports, Fishing, and other developments)
We create & deliver together better solutions. We place our highest trust in the
limitless potential of people.

We passionately and open mindedly serve our customers to elevate their
performance to higher levels. 
Our after-sales technical support includes :
  • On-site technical briefings.
  • Regular site visits to continuously monitor customer needs and satisfaction.
  • Always ready to listen to customer queries & worries.
  • Complaints handling.